Writing about business history and background

And who will conduct the research.

Importance of company history

If you were to eloquently write down your elevator pitch, you could put it in this section. If you were to write a paragraph or two that captures the essence of your history, what will it say? What have been its biggest successes? Or both. Made improvements to facilities or services? What could you learn from their stories? Tell us on Twitter Bplans. This impressive fact is further emphasized and supported on the page by vintage family photos of the shop. And he reels in an audience by infusing his personality, passion and expertise into every page of his website. Locations and facilities: Details on your workspaces or plans to acquire them.

The legal structure of your business is important data for any funding source to have. Keep a record of where you found each piece of information that you expect to include in your history.

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Historical data may not be essential. This is a way to build credibility for your business while engaging your audience with unique information about your company. How will the company achieve its mission?

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What investors will care about, however, is how your personal history, work experience, skills, strengths, and education will help you succeed in this business—and even more importantly, what you've already done to start executing and bring your idea to life.

What idea can you distill into one or two sentences that conveys the primary mission of your company? This is a way to educate your incoming employees about the company, so it will be a more thorough history focused on the mission, vision and values.

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How to collaborate with a writer on your company history