Writing a press release for a novel

In order to get a quote from Smith Publicity, you need to contact them with your goals and budget to work with. The best headlines both intrigue and inform — neither function can be ignored. Most press release services charge a fee — sometimes a hefty one — for distribution to the thousands of media channels that exist in print, on air, and on the net.

Why should they want to let others know about it? Be very careful when considering which quote to include as it should not be too self-promotional. You can post a link to it on any social site, giving people directions on where to look.

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You can even put in a few quotes regarding your book, but only quotes that are important. Pin Shares A book press release is an important part of your book marketing effort, you know it, I know it, the guy next door knows it.

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It was picked up by only 4 syndicates and resulted in no direct increase in sales. So, what are some of the ways you can spice up your book press release? Reader Interest: Will your story prompt action or comment among readers? But there are a few that are free, and some only charge a nominal fee. You need to think about what you want this press release to achieve. You may even consider sending your press release to your local library. Most of these tools come from great headline and article title generators. Instead, make sure your press release provides people with information regarding you, your book, why you wrote it, and what you hope readers gain from it.

Your paragraphs should be short, two to three sentences. Does it feed in to the current commemorative spirit?

To enhance the release, include a book review or quote from another author or reviewing organization, and links to other media like photos or videos.

When you get that, a press release for your book can be a game changer for your sales and authority — not just a pride metric like many use it for.

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A great way to avoid falling into this common pitfall is to use your keywords sparingly. Here is a press release template for authors: Examples of press releases for authors.

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City, State, Date The city and state are in all caps and the date is followed by a dash.

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How to Write a Press Release for a Book