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A comedy series about a bus driver and the passengers he deals with daily. Books by or about entrepreneurs rarely sell well unless they include the name Musk, Gates, Jobs, or Buffettso if you're considering writing a book, know that you most likely won't make a dime. An underwater city's infrastructure—and the people who live there—is threatened by an environmental breach that must be resolved in hours.

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A mockumentary about life working on a cruise ship. A parent works up the courage to explain sex to their kid.

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A mutant ghoul looks for a beauty cure-all. Start by asking your clients what they're looking for in a book about the topic, suggests publishing consultant Shel Horowitz, the author of 10 books.

A character has a yard sale, but struggles to part with every item someone tries to buy. A murder causes a town to turn against one another. Two characters swear never to fall in love or date. A group of activists are wrongfully imprisoned while protesting in a foreign country.

A medic during WWII must save as many lives as possible.

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She must decide how to reprimand them. A botanist gets lost in their greenhouse and must fight for a way out. A drama series about life in Nairobi. A failed actress and an up and coming star have a frank conversation about the acting industry. A student deals with unfair prejudice in an unorthodox way. An anthology series about the assassinations of various leaders. A nun begins to doubt her commitment to the faith after watch a boy band sing on television. A wetnurse recalls the time she served the then newborn Anti-Christ. A character discovers they have the ability to visit the past and future, but at the risk that they'll lose something valuable.

A character realizes they are a part of a lab experiment in the middle of a test and desires to do nothing but escape. After graduating high school, two best friends go on a road trip to discover themselves.

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