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It could just get you in trouble. This slogan is inspired from the old music form that is classic and understood in tough times. Keeping them short and succinct will make them more memorable to the public. Perhaps the original candidate who used this, John Kerry in , was hoping to get some strength for his campaign. Indeed, a clever campaign slogan that will be remembered for many years. This was used in the U. They are generally read by motorists who have only a few seconds at best to see your message.

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How can you not love this easy political slogan? This slogan hits home with big issues on the plate now in The Buck Stops Here Harry Truman first uttered this slogan in reference to government accountability in This is a savvy political slogan to plaster around town for a small city election, but perhaps not on the national front.

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It is one of the most well known campaign election slogans in the political era. Take a look at the last General Election. Two, Four, Six, Eight! Let me disabuse them.

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