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To be considered democratic, a country must choose its leaders through fair and competitive elections, ensure basic civil liberties, and respect the rule of law. Rustow used a transition model in phases to explain the process of democratization Teorell For example, once it was clear that the reformist Solidarity in Poland would come to power, reformists in other eastern European countries gained energy to push for change.

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Finally, and perhaps unfortunately, many political scientists think that democracy should be introduced gradually. Far more common is Nigeria, which returned to democracy in after more than a decade of repressive and corrupt military rule. There is no agreement about why the democratic peace exists. On one level, it is a relatively simple idea, since democratization is simply the establishment of a democratic political regime. Rustow used a transition model in phases to explain the process of democratization Teorell The institutions and value systems that make democracy possible are based on the development of the trust , tolerance , and capacity for cooperation that make stable peace and reconciliation possible outcomes of a conflict-resolution process. Most average citizens do not have the time or the skills to do this kind of work. Almost 40 years ago, the members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD committed themselves to contribute the equivalent of 0.

Still others highlight the cultural and economic relations that have increasingly tied the wealthy democracies to each other. France, Germany, and Italy saw their democratic regimes collapse and be replaced by fascist ones. By contrast, Huntington used the much narrower criteria of voting rights for the majority of men.

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What Individuals Can Do There is often little that an individual can do directly to promote democracy. Typically, we do not think that democracy has truly taken root until at least three national elections have been held.

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From this understanding we can assume that supporters of a modernization view on democratization will regard institutions schools, clinics, courts etc. Such a transition is critical because it indicates that the major political forces in a country are prepared to settle their disputes without violence and to accept that they will all spend periods of time out of office.

The process of democratization is in no way an commonly agreed upon process in regards to the theory. Replacement - Regime breakdown rupture and the collapse of authoritarianism.

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