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VAP is a hospital acquired infection of the lungs that occurs 48 hours or more after tracheal intubation Hunter, Based on these results, Trick et alrecommended that hands be washed with an alcohol-based solution and rings be removed before contact with a patient Tolentino-DelosReyes et al.

Hospital acquired infections are infections that patients acquired during the stay in the hospital. The research also suggests that endotracheal tubes with an extra lumen designed to continuously suction secretions pooled above the endotracheal tube cuff would lower the incidence of VAP by reventing these secretions from being aspirated into the lower airway.

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Crit Care Med. The following day a tracheal aspirate grew multidrug resistant MDR Acinetobacter baumannii. If the patient is hemodynamically compromised and unable to sit up the risk factor for VAP increases greatly. This paper will compare two types of pneumonia, their causes, presentation, assessment and treatments. The study focuses on non-antibiotic preventative strategies for VAP; they suggest the use of antimicrobial hand soap, clorahexidine oral rinses, stress ulcer prophylaxis, prevention of gastric over distension, providing adequate nutritional support as well as frequent position changes. As advances in our understanding of VAP improve, and new technologies to reduce VAP become available, studies should directly assess patient outcomes before the health care community broadly requires specific prevention approaches in clinical practice. Hospital acquired infections makes the patients worse or even causes death. Ventilator-associated pneumonia: the clinical pulmonary infection score as a surrogate for diagnostics and outcome. Circuit changes 4.

It is a deadly disease that can be prevented through the right type of interventions. In one study, 20 researchers observed a decrease in bacterial contamination after hand washing. Awareness of impending VAP is needed to stop further progress of the infection.

Scand J infect Dis. Most patients receiving mechanical ventilation are given stress ulcer prophylaxis, often with medications that increase the gastric pH Augustyn, Am RevRespirDis.

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Current practice generally depends on the hospital; most hospitals use a VAP bundle. The VAP bundle focused on the elevation of the head of the bed, continuous removal of subglottic secretions, change of the ventilator circuit no more often than every 48 hours, and washing of hands before and after contact with each patient. In order to monitor the patient readiness for weaning there has to a decrease in sedation. The implementation of stress ulcer prophylaxis is not proven to directly prevent VAP but it will decrease the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding and bacterial colonization of the stomach that can lead to aspiration and colonization of the respiratory tract Tolentino-DelosReyes et al. Ann int Med. Ventilator associated pneumonia. The tracheal tube: gateway to ventilator-associated pneumonia.

I decided to do an evidence based paper on VAP after talking to respiratory therapy on the sixth floor of Chippenham hospital during my clinical studies.

This paper will provide you with the premise on which the VAP bundle was created. Critical Care Nurse.

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Hospital Illness of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Essay