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By undergoing this change, Jekyll as Hyde can live out his evil or selfish desires and, after returning to himself, fix whatever horrible things Hyde has done. Utterson is a good, kind, loyal and honest friend to Henry Jekyll.

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In spite of Queen Victoria becoming a powerful leader, the social morality changed from rationalism to romanticism, which in turn transformed the society of art, literature, politics The Strange Case Of Dr. Hyde without fear of tainting his own good name. The untidiness of the doorway similarly keeps people from visiting.

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Next, I will be moving on to discovering the historical, social, and cultural issues of the novel; this will discus what Stevenson's literary influences were. Henry Jekyll, a respected scientist who so desperately needs to separate his morality from his self-indulgence.

Sami answers the central question that critics of Jekyll and Hyde have asked repeatedly over many years: What is the nature of the "evil" that is Mr.

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Jekyll's tale, as well as variations on the theme. Works Cited Adams, James Eli. In this adaptation of Dr. They find a letter from Jekyll to Utterson.

The Strange Case Of Dr. However, Utterson is not immune to guilt, as, while he is quick to investigate and judge the faults of others even for the benefit of his friends, Stevenson states that "he was humbled to the dust by the many ill things he had done".

He says that Hyde is disgusting looking but finds himself stumped when asked to describe the man.

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The Duality of Human Nature in Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and