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Also looking for good video card options for use with Leopard on older Macs, and one more unsupported Leopard report.

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He also writes the blog Pixels and shares a home office with way too many old Macs. If anything, their value is going to increase.

Power mac g4 specs

A used Power Mac G4 can be a good choice. The difference in speed can be astounding. And like the mirrored-drive-door models before it, this Power Mac provides space for a second optical drive below the SuperDrive. This last G4 tower was the final life raft for those clinging to Mac OS 9. Production stopped on June 27, and the remaining inventory was liquidated, ending the year legacy of Classic Mac OS support with its discontinuation. We look at three options. Making the move from Jaguar OS X The dual Leopard pales before Mac OS 8. Simply remove AppleHWSensor. The was to be the last pure G4 and it formed the base of the new e core with a seven-stage, three-issue pipeline, and a powerful branch prediction unit which handles up to sixteen instructions out-of-order. More importantly, however, is the fact that the G4 towers ushered in the Mac OS X era for many professionals.

Macworld's Buying Advice The dual All models were available in dual processor configurations running at MHz, 1 GHz or 1. IBM, the third member of the AIM alliancedesigned the chip together with Motorola in its Somerset design center, but chose not to manufacture it, because it did not see the need back then for the Vector Processing Unit.

According to Apple, this is a ground loop issue, and only occurs when used with professional balanced signal audio equipment, [17] however some audio experts contended it is due to shielding defects on the motherboard and affects all equipment.

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The million transistor chip extended significantly the execution pipeline of 7 vs. We expect greater things from FireWire in the future -- compatible RAID arrays, for example, that can take greater advantage of its bandwidth.

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The Power Mac G4 Line