The dilemma facing teenagers in their high school years

Many of the same elements that lead many teenagers to early sexual activity and early childbearing outside of marriage also have significant effects on their offspring. More than half of the 4, surveyed were having to live at home with their parents.

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In and studies of welfare expenditures indicated that approximately 50 percent of the total Aid to Families with Dependent Children AFDC subsidies went to families begun by a teenage parent.

Forrest, N.

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The program's ability to effect any further changes may well have been limited by the brevity of the project and the age of the students when they were first reached. In addition to problems with cognitive development, the offspring of teenage parents grow up with more social impairments, such as poor anger control, fearfulness, and feelings of inferiority. Many of the factors believed to lead to early sexual experience and pregnancy are characteristic of poverty: low-quality education, a negative perception of the future, limited employment opportunities, fatherless families, and feelings of helplessness and alienation. But the costs of doctor visits and contraceptive supplies are often beyond the reach of many adolescents. A wide diversity of outcomes among the women and children is demonstrated in Furstenberg's Baltimore study. Of the remainder, one of five said they had not expected to have intercourse. Under these circumstances, would it be so terrible if she cheated just a little? Some observers postulate that religious teenagers may be more traditional and less inclined toward risk taking in other aspects of their behavior. They expressed a generally negative attitude toward oral contraceptives. The reality of almost 1 million teenage pregnancies a year demonstrates that this country's social and economic systems are failing a substantial proportion of our young citizens and, in doing so, are helping to perpetuate and enlarge the number of poor and badly educated men and women. And it all depends on where you go in the world. Moreover, a substantial percentage of physicians who provide reproductive health services will not reduce their fees or accept Medicaid, making them largely inaccessible to low-income women. Such media projects also aim to encourage a more responsible approach to the sexual content of programs. What should the council do?

In the National Survey of Young Women, 58 percent of young unmarried women who did not use a contraceptive method said they thought they could not conceive. Investigators point out that the widespread assumption that teenagers automatically make poor parents is too simplistic and not supported by research.

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Can you think of a time recently when someone you admired let you down? Black girls with clear educational goals are even more likely than white girls or other black teenagers to use effective birth control. That she would seek professional counseling for the whole family. It markedly improved the level of student knowledge of contraception and pregnancy risk, it significantly increased the use of clinics and of contraceptive methods among teenagers already sexually active, and it was able to draw males into its program. Some 30 percent of sexually active teens use private physicians for contraceptive care. Fundamentalist groups in the United States, which often hold very conservative views on sexual behavior, are both extremely visible and vocal. The recently completed year follow-up of these families shows that some of the children are catching up by finishing high school or getting jobs just a little later than the children of women who delayed childbearing.

One of the teenagers Dash interviewed told him: When girls get pregnant, it's either because they want something to hold on to that they can call their own or because of the circumstances at home. What do you do, and how do you explain your decision?

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They also demonstrate mild behavior disorders, such as rebelliousness, aggression, and impulsiveness. Smith, J.

The dilemma facing teenagers in their high school years

Poverty Poverty appears to play a major role in adolescent pregnancies.

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The Dilemma of Teenage Parenthood