The different types of the hepatitis disease

The recommends hepatitis B vaccinations for all newborns. Ultrasound An abdominal ultrasound uses ultrasound waves to create an image of the organs within your abdomen. How hepatitis is diagnosed History and physical exam To diagnose hepatitis, first your doctor will take your history to determine any risk factors you may have for infectious or noninfectious hepatitis.

Occasionally, a fulminant form of hepatitis develops acute liver failurewhich can lead to death.

What is hepatitis a

The hepatitis A vaccine is available to prevent this infection. Only allow the use of well-sterilized skin perforating equipment, such as during a tattoo, piercing, or acupuncture. Bed rest may be recommended if symptoms cause a great deal of discomfort. You may have acute or chronic hepatitis B, depending on how long HBV has been in your blood: Acute hepatitis B: You have acute hepatitis B from the time you are first infected until six months afterward. It can be a sexually transmitted disease STD. While it can cause swelling and inflammation in the liver, it doesn't lead to chronic, or life long, disease. Safe and effective vaccines are available to prevent HAV. Contact Information. Because the infection is often acute, it typically resolves on its own. The hepatitis E virus is transmitted mainly through contaminated drinking water. High liver enzyme levels may indicate that your liver is stressed, damaged, or not functioning properly. Hepatitis E Currently, no specific medical therapies are available to treat hepatitis E.

Typically, an ultrasound is used to guide your doctor when taking the biopsy sample. Practicing safe sex by using condoms and dental dams can help decrease the risk of infection.

hepatitis treatment

It is spread by contact with an infected person's blood, semen, or other body fluid. Most people recover from hepatitis, and the disease is often preventable. Please try again. However, pregnant women who develop this infection require close monitoring and care.

Hepatitis a b c

The following steps can help avoid infection, especially when traveling. Spread easily from person to person. There are many causes of hepatitis. However, 90 percent of infants , 20 percent of older children, and 5 percent of adults will develop a chronic infection and develop severe health problems, such as liver cancer and cirrhosis. Sexual transmission is also possible, but is much less common. What are your concerns? The vaccine is also recommended for all healthcare and medical personnel. There is no vaccine for hepatitis C. Most people recover from hepatitis, and the disease is often preventable. No vaccine is yet available to prevent hepatitis C. It is a major global health problem. It can cause chronic infection and puts people at high risk of death from cirrhosis and liver cancer. However, HAV infections can also be severe and life threatening.

Learn about how you might get each of these viruses, how you could pass them to other people, the illnesses they cause, and treatment.

Hepatitis E virus HEV is mostly transmitted through consumption of contaminated water or food. Infections are in many cases mild, with most people making a full recovery and remaining immune from further HAV infections.

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Viral Hepatitis (A, B, C) Symptoms & Treatment