Telehealth case

Telehealth case

Findings clustered around the three major themes of missing the nurse, being satisfied, and drawbacks. Hanna, personal communication, October 16, It gets the job done.

Listening to patients: A phenomenological approach to nursing research and practice. Additionally, a recent qualitative study Marineau, found that acutely ill patients transitioning from hospital to home were satisfied with telehealth and expressed an interest in having telehealth access in the future. In-Home Care For patients who are immobile or for whom travel is difficult, many medical practices include in-home visits by care specialist or nurse. This process of thematic development, a process developed by Thomas and Pollio , can also be used when analyzing phenomenological data. There was not extra talking. All clients indicated they required no further assistance beyond the initial set up directions. High-tech treatment. Window of opportunity for home care nurses: Telehealth technologies. Our findings, that clients overall were satisfied with telehealth visits, support the conclusions reached by Agrell et al. Nothing at all really. An explanatory statement and photograph of the equipment was given in person to all clients.

Interviews were conducted after the four-month trial of the equipment and removal of the monitoring station. Limitations and Additional Research Needed Future research is needed to clarify the relative value of the social interaction and emotional support provided by in-home visits.

telemedicine and nursing informatics

These co-morbidities may include changes in nutritional status leading to weight changes; fluctuations in blood pressure; and metabolic disorders, such as diabetes, due to co-existing treatment regimes. This post looks at a few common telehealth use cases.

Telehealth pre-screenings via video can also be used prior to a surgery, mental health therapy and a number of other medical appointments. Involvement of established teams in regular scheduled visits or in sessions scheduled well in advance. The protocol showed positive health improvement results.

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Telehealth Case Study: UMMC + VSee for Urgent Care