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System also supports installments where the student fees can be divided and collected on several installments with pre set due dates. Record the books Country, Author, Publisher and Language. Human Resources Record Personal details, contracts, basic salaries, and salary items Set Leaves, vacations and penalty polices Record and manage Performance reports Record and manage interviews, and Exit interviews Calculating the working days, payable amounts, deductions etc. This module allows the management of all the student affairs. When the student pays a partial amount of the fees it first goes to the activities, then exam and so on… Finance module also controls the collection of money through a folder-ing system, where the receipts are grouped by folders. The finance module also supports dividing fees into items with ordered priority in money collection. We are committed to providing a whole range of courses at various levels. This module also allow the teacher and class schedule management, supporting more than one time table and schedule system. The admission cycle ends when the student affair accepts the applicant as a student in the school. Generate random secret numbers using different batches. Our clients Below, you will find an extract from our client list, our happy clients.

Also through it teachers are managed, and what they teach in each year and grade are added as settings. Integrated Learning Management System Easily engage parents, students, and teachers together through the web portal.

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It supports creating score counted courses, pass and fail subjects, divided grading scheme such as student achievement. Support government, British, and American grading system.

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The process starts with the student application filling. Such application includes all the needed data about the student, his guardian and academic related info.

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The system also allows applying and recording fee discounts and the reason of the discounts. The financial module supports dividing collected fees into separate balances for separate reporting and book keeping. Impact college Avon College is the learning solution for today's fast-paced life. SIMS automatically integrates all data between the system and the web portal avoiding duplicated data insertion, management and efforts. Report Book condition and Overdue books. Such application includes all the needed data about the student, his guardian and academic related info. Closed folders are not accessible to normal finance users, where they cannot print, add or cancel financial transactions. Our system goes above and beyond to help you get an efficient service at an affordable price in a timely manner. Shakespeare College London Helios International College is a private education provider, aiming to provide a wide variety of high quality affordable higher education courses and programmes.

As our Higher Education facilities continue to grow, we want to be a leading provider of flexible, affordable, career-relevant university education.

Take attendance by day or even by class.

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Reporting SIMS integrated reporting tool is a state of the art tool that enable all SIMS users to generate an infinite number of reports in which they can control the appearance of the reports.

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