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The acquisition strategy has a score of 4.

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Asian love sweets and are open to trying foreign foods. Now, the task is to compare in QSPM alternative strategies and decide which one is the most suitable for our goals.

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Having the factors ready, identify strategy alternatives that will be further evaluated. Group the strategies into mutually exclusive sets if possible. The first column with numbers includes weights assigned to factors. You can find these numbers in our example in the column following the column with factors. Management Discuss this article or this topic in our discussion forum : The table bellow shows a list of 8 most recent topics posted in our discussion forum. It is important to note that strategies subject to comparison should be mutually exclusive if possible. Adjacent column to key factors is Weight relative importance of the factor which hold the numeric value obtained from EFE and IFE matrix weight column. Stage 1 strategic management tools Dunkin Donuts presently dominates the doughnut marketdomestically and internationally. The other strategy is to expand internally. South America, Africa and south Asia are markets toconquer0. The relative attractiveness of each strategy is computed by determining the cumulative impact of each external and internal critical success factor. Based on their analysis, we formulated possible strategies in stage 2.

These strategies are displayed at the top of the table. Group the strategies into mutually exclusive sets if possible.

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Record these strategies in the top row of the QSPM. The best thing about QSPM is that it never insist the strategist to enter the information on assumptions, it extract the information from stage 1 The Input Stage and stage 2 the the matching stage. Stage 1 strategic management tools The acquisition strategy yields higher score than the internal expansion strategy.

The stage 1 strategic management methods provided us with key strategic factors.

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Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM)