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He also concludes, "Our industry is in a period of unparalleled market potential" p. Nursery plans to produce only four species of trees to enable the owner to concentrate on producing quality trees. Describe your production workflow. Compare your company to your competition in terms of product offerings, service, prices, marketing, brand image and profitability. If you register the name as a trademark in relevant classes, this may give you exclusive rights to that name in those classes. For more information, see How sole proprietors are taxed. It requires only the expenses of doing business, such as office equipment, phone lines, internet connections, and marketing materials. To plant two hundred trees each year over the life of the business. Pricing Strategy The pricing strategy section needs to demonstrate how your business will be profitable.

Liability is unlimited and includes all personal assets, including any assets jointly-owned with another person, such as a house. Goal 6: To supplement the retirement of the owner.

Nursery will be a sole proprietorship at this stage of the planning. By "date" business licenses and insurance acquired.

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This means that, unlike sole proprietors and general partners, owners of corporations and LLCs can normally keep their house, investments and other personal property even if their business fails. Section 7: Financial Plan The financial plan section is the most important section of the business plan, especially if you need debt financing or want to attract investors.

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In practice, lots of businesses are small enough to get away with ignoring these requirements. He also concludes, "Our industry is in a period of unparalleled market potential" p.

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