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Psychiatric rehabilitation personnel have been involved in upgrading the skills of staff in institutions in order to move clients into community settings.

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Some may have training in specific forms of therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy CBT , dialectical behavior therapy DBT and other behavioral therapy interventions. The key to choosing which one of these professionals is right for you is to determine what kinds of things are important to you and finding a professional that seems to fit with your needs and personality. These professionals work in inpatient facilities, such as general hospitals and psychiatric facilities, and outpatient facilities, such as community mental health clinics, schools and private practices. The balance of evidence appears to favour their employment: [24] Randomised controlled trials consistently demonstrate peer staff produce outcomes on par with non-peer staff in ancillary roles, but they actually perform better in reducing hospitalisation rates, engaging clients who are difficult to reach, and cutting substance use. Today, in the U. Most programs require the professional to go through thousands of hours of direct clinical experience, and the program focuses on teaching principles of psychotherapy and social work. Community mental health professionals serve people of all ages from young children with autism, to children with emotional or behavioral needs, to grandma who has Alzheimer's or dementia and is living at home after dad passes away. Grohol has a Master's degree and doctorate in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University.

Relative effectiveness[ edit ] Both primary care physicians GP's and psychiatrist are just as effective in terms of remission rates for the treatment of depression [23]. A licensed clinical social worker must have a master's degree in social work M.

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In some states, they are also qualified to prescribe and monitor medications. However, treatment resistant depression, suicidal, homicidal ideation, psychosis and catatonia should be handled by mental health specialists.

Educational requirements for psychiatric and mental health nurses[ edit ] Psychiatric and mental health nurses receive specialist education to work in this area.

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UKor four to six years depending how much research activity is included in the course e. The need for mental health care navigators arises from the fragmentation of the mental health industry, which can often leave those in need with more questions than answers.

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Most practitioners have passed the examination offered by the behavior analysis certification board [38] [ full citation needed ] or the examination in clinical behavior therapy by the World Association for Behavior Analysis. In Nebraska, psychologists are required to obtain 24 hours of approved continuing education credits in the 24 months before their license renewal.

A medical professional must evaluate the patient for any medical problems or diseases that may be the cause of the mental illness. Clinical psychologists have gained the ability to prescribe psychiatric medications on a limited basis in a few U.

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Search the internet for professional associations that have directories of mental health providers, such as the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association or the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies. Other Professionals You May Encounter Certified Peer Specialists These specialists have lived experience with a mental health condition or substance use disorder. Degree requirements: Doctor of Philosophy Ph. Community mental health professionals serve people of all ages from young children with autism, to children with emotional or behavioral needs, to grandma who has Alzheimer's or dementia and is living at home after dad passes away. Treatment-resistant depression or treatment refractory depression refers to depression which remains at large after at least two antidepressant medications have been trailed on their own. Psychiatric and mental health nurse[ edit ] Main articles: Psychiatric and mental health nursing and Psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner Psychiatric Nurses or Mental Health Nurse Practitioners work with people with a large variety of mental health problems, often at the time of highest distress, and usually within hospital settings. Please note that we are unable to provide specific recommendations to individual providers as we are unable to speak to the quality of their care. Many psychiatrists pursue an additional 1—2 years in subspecialty fellowships on top of this such as child psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, and psychosomatic medicine. Psychologists Psychologists hold a doctoral degree in clinical psychology or another specialty such as counseling or education. Ready to see a professional? Psychiatrists Psychiatrists are licensed medical doctors who have completed psychiatric training. Psychiatric aides, now being trained by educational psychology in , are part of the entry-level workforce which is projected to be needed in communities in the US in the next decades. Courses and programs that are approved as continuing education for social workers generally must be relevant to the profession and contribute to the advancement of professional competence. The difference between other mental health professionals and a care navigator is that a care navigator provides information and directs a patient to the best help rather than offering diagnosis, prescription of medications or treatment. Some mental health providers are not licensed to prescribe medications.

The job tasks are a sampling of job tasks with a clinical emphasis, and represents a level of line staff in community programs reporting to a community supervisor in a small site based program.

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23 Mental Health Professionals Interviewed About Their Jobs