Scope and limitation for project proposal

Be very specific in both areas for your reader to clearly understand your intents on both levels.

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If you do connect your study's limitations to suggestions for further research, be sure to explain the ways in which these unanswered questions may become more focused because of your study.

Perhaps it was not time efficient to survey all members of the organization?

scope and limitations of educational research

Longitudinal effects -- unlike your professor, who can literally devote years [even a lifetime] to studying a single topic, the time available to investigate a research problem and to measure change or stability over time is pretty much constrained by the due date of your assignment.

Moreover, the absence of an effect may be very telling in many situations, particularly in experimental research designs.

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If serious limitations exist, it generally indicates a likelihood that your research problem is too narrowly defined or that the issue or event under study is too recent and, thus, very little research has been written about it. Is your sampling a non-probability or purposeful sampling for example? Dissertations and Theses: An Online Textbook. These are: 1 selective memory [remembering or not remembering experiences or events that occurred at some point in the past]; 2 telescoping [recalling events that occurred at one time as if they occurred at another time]; 3 attribution [the act of attributing positive events and outcomes to one's own agency, but attributing negative events and outcomes to external forces]; and, 4 exaggeration [the act of representing outcomes or embellishing events as more significant than is actually suggested from other data]. For example, you regret not including a specific question in a survey that, in retrospect, could have helped address a particular issue that emerged later in the study. The scope of the study is limited to the role of Mass Media in educational development from to Depending on the currency or scope of your research topic, there may be little, if any, prior research on your topic. When determining what deliverables will be produced, it may be helpful to first decompose your project and then formulate a work breakdown structure. Note that, if your sample size is too small, it will be difficult to find significant relationships from the data, as statistical tests normally require a larger sample size to ensure a representative distribution of the population and to be considered representative of groups of people to whom results will be generalized or transferred. In other words, you have to take what people say, whether in interviews, focus groups, or on questionnaires, at face value. If the sample size is found to be a limitation, it may reflect your judgment about the methodological technique chosen [e. Determining adequate sample size in qualitative research is ultimately a matter of judgment and experience in evaluating the quality of the information collected against the uses to which it will be applied and the particular research method and purposeful sampling strategy employed. If you do connect your study's limitations to suggestions for further research, be sure to explain the ways in which these unanswered questions may become more focused because of your study. Area or locality Example: This investigation as conducted to determine the status of the teaching of science in the high schools of Province A as perceived by the teachers and students in science classes during the school year Second, the students' overloaded work, to some extent, might affect the result of the correlation between the students' motivation in learning When considering what limitations there might be in your investigation, be thorough.

How many units of that should be sold? References Creswell, J. These could include: 1 Sampling. General purpose: To determine the status of the teaching of science.

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Project Proposal Guidelines