Science and everyday life essay

We feel the impact of science almost in everyday walk of our life.

essay on science in everyday life in 300 words

It has given us the power to keep epidemics under check. Now she is not always busy in the kitchen.

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Science is the greatest blessing to the poor housewife. It is all due to the scientific methods of cultivation. As the fighting weapons of science against diseases.

It is now in our hands whether we employ this gift of science in the destruction of mankind or use it for such a worthwhile use that the world will really be a heaven to live in, otherwise it can turn into rubble in the matter of some minutes.

Science in everyday life paragraph for class 8

Thus he has become a moral pygmy. Science has helped in reducing the death rate and has also enhanced the living age of humans. We can assert that the landing on the moon is a giant step in the history of mankind. Science has transformed our daily life. It has placed at our disposal scores of means to expel ignorance from mankind. It has given man more exposure to knowledge which he gets at his doorstep. Big capitalists exploit the laborer.

In Traveling: - We travel from one place to another by bicycles, bikes, buses, cars, trains and aeroplanes. There are scooters, three wheelers, cars, taxies, and buses to take us to any destination that we may be heading to.

Trains run faster and the cars move at the highest speed will unimaginable comfort and safety.

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It is our servant at home and away from home.

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Essay on Science in Everyday Life