Rubrics for business plans presentations

Time limit is met.

business plan assessment criteria

Clear definition of one unit with a presentation for production that does not seem feasible. Does the plan explain key assumptions and features of the financial model? Poor Students do not seem prepared to present.

strategic plan grading rubric

Great Students show that they are completely prepared and have rehearsed before the presentation. Posture and Eye Contact Student displays confidence and competence in their presentation. Does the plan identify the current market size and potential growth?

Rubric for a plan

Professional Business attire is worn as stated in class. Does the plan effectively describe the market in which the business intends to compete? Section Total Idea is not described and not linked to solving the problem or unmet need. Does not speak clearly, speaks in a low voice and monotonous tone Tense and inappropriately dressed for audience. Poor Student can not answer many questions as it relates to their business plan, questions answered are not done so in a professional manner. Clear description one unit and of how product or service is cost effectively produced. No eye contact with the audience Is unclear about the questions and either does not answer the question or provides a rambling answer Slides that include full sentences and paragraphs that distract the audience Slides include some images on slides that do not complement the brand with varied fonts, background colors that is hard to read, and animations that distract the audience. Student uses graphics to help support their information. Executive Summary Is the summary an effective synopsis of the overall business plan? Presentation of a favorable ROI to show business is a good investment opportunity. Preparedness Student's do not read from their slides or paper and shows knowledge of their subject area. Engaging and convincing explanation of competitive advantage to show how business is unique. Student can not explain the plan or does so with very limited knowledge.

Market, target customer and market size are not described and there is no evidence there is a market or the business is or will be profitable.

Clear narrative that integrates most market research concepts from the written plan into the presentation to legitimize business claim. Clear and compelling narrative that seamlessly integrates all important financial concepts from the written plan into the presentation to legitimize business claim.

business plan evaluation sheet

Does the plan include an appropriate promotional strategy that is realistic when compared to the assigned marketing budget?

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Business Plan Oral Presentation Rubric