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Available experience can be cited to support theoretical arguments. While the public property aims at guaranteeing that social action enjoys a social product through which the provision of some needs and shortages would become possible. Most of those who developed these anti- Islamic behaviour have been affected by the western life-style and secular values.

Some note the wording of aya[] Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal — CEbelieved only Riba an-jahiliya where the amount owed "doubled and redoubled" each year if not paid off was unlawful "without doubt from the Islamic viewpoint".

riba in quran

If you give up the loan as a charity, it would be better for you, if you only knew. Because permitted raise funds in the form of deposits, commercial banks also called depository financial institutions.

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For example if A gives B a dollar loan for 6 months and he makes a condition that B facilitates another different transaction for A in order to get this loan. Accordingly, the late Shaykh Abu Zahrah, one of the most prominent and respected Islamic scholars of this century, has rightly pointed out that: There is absolutely no evidence to support that the riba of al-Jahiliyyah [pre- Islamic days] was on consumption and not on development loans.

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Riba in Islamic Banking and Finance & its Types