Review of literature on financial performance

Ming-Chin et al.

Ratio analysis review of literature from various authors

Though received literature on financial statements analysis is industry. The study used financial statements and capital market data of large Indian firms over a time frame of eight years divided into two sub-periods viz. In addition, ideas for improving future research in this field are provided. The author argued that current tendency to handcuff a manager to a narrow capitalization range might be a mistake. Investor could successfully manage their market capitalization exposure would realize significant rewards over investor who either ignored their exposure or were unable to alter it. DEA can provide a consistent and reliable measure of managerial or operational efficiency of a firm. Ming-Chin et al.

A literature review and research agenda. Prasetyantoko and Rachmadi Parmomo. Using longitudinal data on CEOs from firms, and controlling for country and industry effects, we found that motives significant predicted both financial performance Tobin's Q and the CAPM and social responsibility.

Kumar and Denish Shah.

review on financial performance

It also demonstrated how market capitalization known as market cap was measured in the Dhaka Stock Exchange. Correlation and multiple regression analysis were employed in the analysis of data.

While ratios are easy to compute, which in part explains their wide appeal, their interpretation is problematic, especially when two or more ratios provide conflicting signals.

review of literature on financial performance evaluation

Financial ratios are calculated from one or more pieces of information from a companys financial statements. Implications for future research are suggested. Market Value and Aggregate Dividends. Part of the Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics book series SPBE Abstract Performance measurement comprises several metrics and applications used as a benchmark in business sectors for both internal and external users.

Financial performance review of literature from various authors 2018

Snehlata, no real financial statement analysis of cooperative. Eliza Sharma, D. Authors undertook a financial ratios, They are: I. The author www. A total of 32 studies were identified, examining the environmental variables used, the financial performance variables, the statistical analyses, and the main findings obtained by these studies. Some of the studies are based on profitability while some of the studies are www. There is absolutely no study conducted in the Indian context investigating the influence and difference performance variables on market capitalization.
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A Literature Review of Financial Performance Measures and Value Relevance