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Within a short time, it was reported that many of the rappers had developed individual crushes and were engaging in trying to outdo each other even at death. Nonetheless, the whole aspect of competition was done an enormous blow when some of the Hip-hop musicians were killed by the supporters of their opponents or by the opponents.

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He was a key man in East Coast hip-hop music during his time. The media were blamed to have escalated the rivalry since not many of the Hip-hop rappers from the two sections had involved in fierce rivalry.

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The monitoring of the culture is said to have started in the East Coast and ended in the West Coast before the music was developed in the West Coast. The music originated from the westernmost region of the city.

It is believed that the five cultures of hip-hop music existed in the East Coast and West Coast. Icons of Hip Hop: 2.

Research on east coast to west coast hip hop

Edit In , disgruntled by the record companies' rejection of East Coast artists in favor of West Coast ones, Bronx rapper Tim Dog decided to voice his anger on the infamous song " Fuck Compton ". Shakur accused The Notorious B. During the escalation of the death of rappers in the country, many of who had engaged in collaborations had their lives under threat because their counterparts had to take care of their businesses. Rappers engaged in their open battles while the public engaged in competition in support of their preferred musicians. Download this Research Paper in word format. I went from there, based on what I knew, and got input from friends and professors. The song became a minor success but failed to gain much radio play. The other subdivision came from the origin of Hip-hop musicians. In , a multiple Grammy nominated artist under Aftermath named Anderson. Once I started doing the research, I was interested in how I could map the history visually. Initially, the concerns were categorical of playing the music while the audiences licensed to their while doing other activities. For instance, one of the hip-hop musicians who engaged in the West Coast music was Tupac. It was important to keep gradients, keep linear details, etc. But 'Panda' is still overplayed.

Hip-hop emerged in the Bronx in the s. The culture is widely believed to have been a mutual creation which evolved from interaction between people who identified with elements from their respective coasts.

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However Black expression in Los Angeles was muted after the release of the Watts' Prophet record Rappin' Black in a White World until the emergence of hip-hop in the s. This was done in order to have a more touch of the music being taken by the audience. Hip-hop is a cultural phenomenon, so this is more of a pop culture history piece than an exhaustive encyclopedia. Late s and s[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources. Lucas, George. September Main articles: Old school hip hop and Roots of hip hop Some believe that the four elements of hip-hop culture, B-boying , DJing , graffiti art , and MCing , existed on the East and West Coasts of the United States simultaneously during the mid-to-late s. The rhythm that was utilized originated from the old school hip-hop. Although an official retaliation record was never released by B. G and Tupac Icons of Hip Hop For instance, those from the East Coast could clash with those from the West Coast. He was born in September from a family of a musician called Olu Dara.

The origin of this music is considered to be in the s. It can be hard as a woman who obviously knows so much about hip-hop.

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