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Maine fits in this bucket. In the NFL, you have to be forced down for a play to be over.

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We call this period of time College. Conclusion: This was a fun exercise and one I wanted to do to see how big of a gap there is between the popularity of the NFL and college football if we used the electoral map.

No NFL team and two Power 5 schools, with one of them a national contender.

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But even with New Orleans dominating the biggest city in the state by a large margin, LSU rules the rest of the state and is more frequently a contender for a championship. Pass Reception There is a difference between college football and the NFL when it comes to how many feet a receiver must have in-bounds for it to be considered a completed pass. That said, the Vikings are the most popular team in the state and by a huge margin. Surprisingly, in the college version of the game, the two-point conversion starts on the third yard line, further away than their professional counterparts. In college football, things are a little fairer. However, look carefully at most college games and you will many of them getting both feet down when receiving as most will have an eye on a career in the NFL. Hence, Arizona is blue by a decent margin for now. Duke and UNC playing well the last few years is enough for me to make this a red state by the slimmest of margins. Conclusion: This was a fun exercise and one I wanted to do to see how big of a gap there is between the popularity of the NFL and college football if we used the electoral map. However, the amateurism of the NCAA has been tested by a number of issues in recent years.

The Bills in Buffalo vs. Even afterthe Mets' status as Shea's primary tenants would require the Jets to go on long road trips switching Shea from baseball to football configuration was a rather complex process, involving electrical, plumbing, field and other similar work.

The Patriots over the last two decades have ascended in significance to rival the Red Sox in state. Fans ripped Shea apart after the last game of the season, which also was the last NFL appearance for Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshawwho threw two touchdown passes to lead the Pittsburgh Steelers to a 34—7 victory.

Will Rogers lamented what the "Oregon apple knockers" had done to his "city slickers" in a column after the game.

The football field at Shea extended from around home plate all the way to the outfield, with the baseline seating rotating out to fill left and right fields.

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In college football though, the game clock stops after a first down. Mainly that in the college version of the game, it gives the losing team more time to come back. In the game, with the score 0—0 at halftime, legendary Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne gave his "win one for the Gipper" speech with reference to All-American halfback George Gipp , who died in ; Notre Dame went on to defeat Army, 12—6. KSU has had some Cinderella years, but Kansas being a basketball school with a pretty consistently terrible football team, sans some Mangino years, and this is a dark blue state. North Carolina 15 — This is one of the states I flipped on. Here is some analysis on how I made my calls. Here in the California Bay Area, the political leanings are very liberal and in terms of fandom, the NFL towers over college football. In college football, the receiver only needs to get one foot down when catching the ball for it to be considered a completed pass. Update: I am getting a lot of strong feedback on two states in particular Missouri and South Dakota. The satisfaction gained in a victory to a college football player is a reward in itself. With these as their main sources of motivation, a player will apply enough effort to keep himself at his current financi Rutgers has only had a couple good years over the last
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