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Walking brings us close to nature. I might not have been able to write like these poets but I could take walks as they did, I thought. Audio, music, silence, or someone else to walk with?

Importance of walking essay

I had to learn to walk, so to speak. Recent studies show that there are also residual benefits to vigorous exercise. It provide us with the require amount of oxygen. You are thirsty, you feel the dense flavor on your tongue and in your mouth, you swallow and you feel the sensations move down your throat, and slowly your inhibitions become relaxed, you enter a lighter state, half-thinking, half-not-thinking. Walking burns approximately the same amount of calories per mile as does running, a fact particularly ppealing to those who find it difficult to sustain the jarring effects of long distance jogging. Sometimes I will be in workout clothes, and will jog or run if the inspiration suits me. It's an easy mannerism to assume. Morning walks are the best. In the days of hectic work schedule-twenty-four-seven, walking is the only pleasure one should not avoid in indulging.

For each category, the highest frequency of ratings was four. There is freshness all around. A dog, a butterfly, a park, a strange building. Walking parks are the need of the day. Walking also can exert a favorable influence on personal habits. Walking is the only exercise in which the rate of participation does not decline in the middle and later years.

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I don't drink, I don't use recreational drugs, I don't smoke tobacco, I don't drink soda, and I am working on quitting all sweets entirely, and largely succeeding.

It keeps one healthy and fit in min d and body. Or sometimes not. If it suits me, I'll stop and pay attention.

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The simple pleasures of walking