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Being an older nursing student comes with its own unique issues. When you study, picture how a condition will look in a clinical setting.

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You will have to study a lot and you will fail a test or two, but don't give up. When you complete your studies, you will be well-equipped to change not only the lives of your patients, but also your own.

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The Department of Labor lists Registered Nursing as a top occupation for job growth through at least the next decade. In addition, my eating got worse. Evelyn Nolan: One of the challenges I faced in school was the lack of clinical experience I received. To provide a realistic view of the challenges nursing students face and how to get through them, we spoke to the following nursing school graduates. Evelyn Nolan: One thing nursing students should do is talk to others who have been through the program. To-do lists are a good start for students needing to prioritize their day and get things done in a timely manner. Marking every assignment due date and test date in a calendar can help students be organized.

However, a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise per day can help alleviate physical, mental and emotional stress. While it can seem like a huge obstacle, it is an opportunity for students to see how well they analyze the hypothetical situations used on the exam with the knowledge they learned in school.

Nursing guides

My children went to college, and my husband worked — we had financial responsibilities. In this section, potential students will find several resources they can use to boost their success while lowering their stress.

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Students may benefit from some kind of exercise program, whether it is time spent at the gym, a walk in nature, or a yoga class. While I continued to work, I cut back my hours to allow for study time. They get firsthand experience the responsibilities that nurses have for the first time. Take deep breaths Deep breathing can help students alleviate their stress as they study. For instance, when I was in my associate degree program for my RN, we were mostly in our 20s, unmarried and without children, and we were a little rowdy! Clinical Practice Clinical practice is where students put the concepts they learned in textbooks to work in the real world. Getting yourself to bed in time to wake by a. Work A common assumption is that nursing students have to give up their full time job to attend school. My family had to cope with a decrease in income. Make your physical, mental and emotional health a priority, and journal about your experiences. Since the needs of patients do not adhere to a schedule, nurses are often required to work during night shifts. Evelyn Nolan: One of the challenges I faced in school was the lack of clinical experience I received. This can be done by saying positive affirmations, visualizing success and stopping destructive thoughts in their tracks when they start. Exercise Regularly It can be difficult for nursing students to find time to maintain an exercise routine. One thing that helped me get through it was knowing that I was helping my family and achieving something more.

In addition, my eating got worse. No other profession offers so much diversity and opportunity. How can they overcome these challenges? Logout Nursing Career Guide Nurses are always in demand.

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