Mohawk indians an introduction

They typically drive the miles from the Kahnawake reserve on the St. The U. Mohawk chiefs were always men, but women were the only ones to vote on who the chief would be. Related families lived together in longhousesa symbol of Iroquois society.

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Thenceforward they underwent a rapid decline, caused by their wars with the Mahican, Conestoga, and other tribes, and with the French, and also by the removal of a large part of the tribe to Caughnawaga and other mission villages.

These crops were collectively known as 'deohako' meaning "life supporters".

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Sir William Johnsonthe British Superintendent of Indian Affairs, built his first house on the north bank of the Mohawk River almost opposite Warrensbush and established the settlement of Johnstown. Ten years after Jogues' death Kateri Tekakwithathe daughter of a Mohawk chief and Tagaskouita, a Roman Catholic Algonquin woman, was born in Ossernenon and later was canonized as the first Native American saint.

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Mohawk Tribe: Facts, Clothes, Food and History ***