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If you wish to report Extenuating Circumstances, you must submit a descriptive statement and substantiating documentation. Schulich School of Music: 21 years of age at time of registration.

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We will make the necessary change — please do not submit a new application. Enter using upper case and lower case letters. Ensure that the personal information you provide to the examination board matches the information you provide to McGill. Extenuating circumstances In the rare event that extenuating circumstances have had a negative impact on your academic performance, you have an opportunity to report on these when you submit your application.

Related Content. Consult Extenuating Circumstances for instructions.

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Click here for help on which level of education you should select. They are not used to access information once you have been assigned a McGill ID. We will make the necessary change — please do not submit a new application. Disclosure Information If you wish others to make enquiries on your behalf concerning the status of your application such as a family member, school counselor, etc , it is necessary for you to authorize release of information by naming these individuals in this section of your application. Be sure to check out Service Pointers — their helpful tips on applying to McGill! Your IB personal code is three letters followed by three numbers. Other undergraduate programs: 23 years at a time of registration and have not completed college or university level studies within the last five years that would constitute a basis for admission. Once your application has been submitted, McGill will automatically contact these referees and invite them to upload the references. If there is a discrepancy in personal information, we will not be able to match your electronic results. Consult Extenuating Circumstances for instructions. IB Programs If you indicated that you were completing an IB diploma or certificate you will be prompted to enter your IB personal code and course details. Related Content.

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