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Stocks are how corporations get cash to grow their businesses. Raising Capital At any stage of development, various sectors of the economy need long-term capital to grow. Program trading has grown to the point where it's replaced individual investorsgreed, and panic as causes of crashes. Firstly, compensating managers based on stock performance or in company shares aligns the interests of managers with investors.

They were afraid more financial institutions would go bankrupt the way Lehman Brothers had. When they go up again, as they always do, you will profit from the upswing in stock prices.

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What Not to Do in a Crash During a crash, don't give in to the temptation to sell. Almost 70 years later, it happened again in and stayed above that level for nearly 5 years as the dot-com bubble deflated.

Setting expectations Valuations can be helpful for setting reasonable expectations for investors because higher valuations typically lead to lower long-term returns while lower valuations typically lead to higher long-term returns.

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This makes sense when you consider higher interest rates, and thus inflation makes for a higher hurdle rate for investing in the stock market. Most crashes are over in a day or two. It's a natural part of the market cycle that wise investors welcome. The existence of an exit mechanism encourages investment in a venture at an early stage. Investors panicked when Congress failed to approve the bank bailout bill. In the past, stock market crashes preceded the Great Depression , the recession , and the Great Recession of The first time was in , just a few short months before the stock market was trounced in one of the worst crashes in history during the Great Depression. But when the CAPE was 25 or higher, the average year return falls to just 4. This helps them exit and liquidate their investments in previous ventures and reinvest in new opportunities. If you sell during the crash, you will probably not buy in time to make up your losses. Additionally, long-term investments require investors to relinquish direct control over their money.

Likewise, governments need funds for infrastructure investments. In other words, other agents will take over the enterprise and turn it around for better value creation if the managers do not perform well.

Liquidity gives the investors in publicly-traded shares the peace of mind that they can sell their shares whenever they want to exit their investments. That means more layoffs. Causes Frightened sellers cause a crash.

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The Impact of Interest Rates & Inflation on Stock Market Valuations