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Happy essay-writing! Politics, economy and culture in many countries are under the influence of such an attractive idea as the idea of the consolidation of many nations. Well, the good news is it only took me 10 minutes or so, so although I got a bit carried away I have time to fix it. Stop reading, grab a pen and write down some ideas! The solution must come from government intervention - no more subsidies for companies that pollute, and fines for those that do. That means a non-stop stream of planes, trains, and automobiles. The candidate also needs to use a variety of connectives approximately. Finally, proofread, proofread, proofread No, a spell checker is not enough. Wider reading will give you deeper knowledge and help you to write really insightful and interesting essays. Seas are filled with plastic that traps and kills fish and dolphins. For a start, I'll read the task properly! Over to you. Ask the Question The first order of business is always to tackle the question.

The solution is better controls in factories and fines for anyone who adds to the problem. For this reason, try to avoid using contractions in an essay.

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The solution must come from government intervention - no more subsidies for companies that pollute, and fines for those that do. Daunting adj : something that worries you because it might seem difficult to do. However, I personally find it fun to read up on material for my essay so much that I actually start forming strongly-held opinions of my own on something e.

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A good place to start is to brainstorm keywords and phrases related to the topic. My god! It can be easy to write about what you want to write about, not the actual question, so make sure you really make sure you focus on all of the keywords in the essay question. Prompts n : something serving to suggest or remind. That's good. A typical essay structure is like a hamburger, keeping the main meat of your argument wedged nicely between two lighter supports: Introduction— Your first couple of sentences should use your knowledge of context and understanding of the question to focus the essay. But I should add in something about 'every country' - that's something I didn't do in the first draft. Rivers and Seas Thanks to pollution, our water is slowly turning to acid and major cities like Flint, Michigan don't even have clean drinking water.

Make sure you got through your essay a few times and ask a friend or willing family member to help you with the proofreading too, as they will be able to look at the essay from a different perspective. It says 'Every country has a problem with pollution.

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Step Three: check it 5 minutes This final step is essential.

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