How to write an abstract for a poster session

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Consider shipping your poster to the conference or carry it in a protective case and check with the airline regarding luggage requirements. As with all sections, brevity is key. Relevant statistics such as odds ratios, confidence intervals, and p values for key outcomes should be included.

The next step is to start writing. This section is often ended with a statement specifically stating why the case is being presented.

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In this case, the first readers of your abstract are the conference selection committee. When someone stops, you should be able to introduce your poster in 10 seconds and they should be able to assimilate all of the information and discuss it with you in 10 minutes.

Copyright c An effective abstract is your first opportunity to hone your message. Such feedback often gives the presenter additional ideas for analyses, alternate explanations for findings, and ideas regarding future directions.

It is helpful to remember the rule of 10s: the average person scans your poster for 10 seconds from 10 feet away. Education: Tips for Your Poster: Presenting You and Your Poster 4 Presenting posters and leading the conversation in a poster session can be intimidating.

Additionally, these types of presentations may be looked on with more favor by people reviewing your CV who are not intimately familiar with the world of palliative care.

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An Effective Abstract