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I have never done anything dishonest or deceitful that should make you sceptical of my motives, and in keeping with that I have laid out above exactly how and why BattleScribe 2. Many people can recall the insane cheesiness that was my 7x Flyrant list that I brought to Adepticon. You can for example take a unit of Genestealers in a Tyranid list to deal with large units of infantry and a Trygon to deal with high Toughness, high Wound units that may present challenges for Genestealers. This is a challenge at the list building stage and requires some forethought. Be patient! You can try fixing the data yourself as described below. Bear in mind the mobile versions will only be available if you installed them in the past. One-line error reports are not enough and will likely be rejected. We'll investigate and get things sorted out for you. Click the Update Data button to refresh your data. You have to ask yourself, how will my list deal with these two extremes? You can try contacting them through the website you originally got the data from. Of course, the simple solution would be to release BattleScribe 2.

Take 1x Squad of ten reapers instead of 2x squads of five. Back to top All my categories and profile types have gone missing! Most importantly would be the inclusion of units whose purpose is to score objectives as they come up such as units of Scouts who can deploy out of sight nearly anywhere on the table but within striking distance of objectives and then take them as needed.

Instead, all data is made by an awesome community of data authors. Click the Sign In button to log in. Reporting a data bug on mobile: Go to Manage Data by tapping the icon on the navigation bar.

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It pays for my mortgage, my bills and my food. Remember that BattleScribe does not create or maintain data files for legal reasons.

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An example of this type of list would be a Space Marine army that takes a core of firepower in the form of Devastators, Predators, etc. When prompted, tick the box if you want to delete your existing data first, then tap OK. They may do not damage all game, perhaps not even really move at all but when considered in the context of the mission and how they can and will win the game for you, they may very well be the most valuable unit in your army for achieving victory. I get the error "There were some problems with your data files Complimenting this would be aggressive units that would serve the function of hunting enemy scoring and damage output units such as Assault Squads, Vanguard Vets, Terminators, etc. All major systems have been rebuilt, there are new data editing tools and the data format has been overhauled to support a much wider array of games and improve the lives of data authors. Where can I find data and how do I load it into BattleScribe?

I have done my best to look after you though! What exactly does it say?

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You can download the old version on the downloads page under "Legacy Downloads" at the bottom. Are you reporting a problem with the data?

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Bear in mind the mobile versions will only be available if you installed them in the past. The core assumptions and decisions made when the app was originally started no longer hold true.

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You know exactly what you're getting for your money, with no uncertainty. This means that BattleScribe has detected some problems with your data files. If the authors of the data you want have not made their old data available, you should raise an issue with them on GitHub and ask them to do so. If you are unable to download data This is likely a temporary problem with the data website. Data Editor: None of the units are in the right categories - they've all moved to "No Category"! You can redeem your old key on the new BattleScribe store to get a lifetime Supporter Pass. Posted on July 2, by Reecius in 40K , Tactics. Can I get updated BattleScribe 1. It was something like this: 7 Flyrants, 8 meotic spores, 4 mawlocs, a bunch of rippers. Come then, enjoy my tale. At Adepticon, you want to go first, hit your opponent fast and hard, and rely on shooting to crush your opponent. BattleScribe gets stuck "Preparing Data" when I start it up or create a roster! Reporting a data bug on desktop: Go to Manage Data by clicking the button on the toolbar. Back to top Privacy To support BattleScribe and purchase supporter passes, you will need to sign in. We also store your supporter passes and record details of any purchase s made.
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