How to write a consulting resume that gets interviews questions

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In consultancy, market sizing is a vital skill. What was the compounded annual growth rate of the revenue? Try to estimate first. Let's try ,, divided by , Up until this point, the process could almost be applied to any job. Some companies misunderstand the role of a consultant, so I am glad you are asking this question.

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They'll be able to cast a fresh eye on your resume and flag typos, inconsistencies or sentences that they find difficult to understand. What would you suggest they do and why?

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By practicing these questions and the techniques needed to solve them, you will dramatically increase your speed and accuracy at answering the quantitative questions that arise so frequently in Consulting interviews. Consultants have made their mark in all areas of business, finance and politics. If it is backed up by numbers it becomes an argument and has more gravitas. What is the average production cost for this calculator? Therefore, before your interview, make sure you are caught up on news about the industry. The question about books does not come up very often. You literally have 10 seconds to make a good first impression. Management Consultants tend to like talking about their own experiences, and we believe that you will benefit if you prompt the interviewer to talk a lot about their experiences. This is an area where you want to leave no doubt in their mind, especially in light of recent scandals involving senior consultants at top firms like McKinsey. Weaknesses feedback from previous job reviews? How much more federal taxes will the couple have to pay once they are married? Perhaps the best response, if you are indeed looking at both, is to suggest that you are interviewing with some investment banks, but that you will take any Consulting offer you may get, even over the most prestigious investment banking firm. What are some factors that those customers look for in a restaurant? Looking at general questions and basic best practices can give you a great foundation and an understanding of how to structure your answers.

Then read it again. This shows you are doing real homework about the firm and are therefore a serious job candidate.

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However, in our experience, this approach has got a fatal drawback. We recommend you use labels and the scientific notation if you aren't already doing so.

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So how do you do it? A building contractor purchased Silica bricks and Alumina bricks. Luckily, we have you covered there too, with a guide just as comprehensive as this one. Handling large numbers Large numbers are difficult to deal with because of all the 0s. How many tennis balls can fit in a football stadium? They include live case interview videos which are structured so that you can listen to the interviewer's question, hit pause, and answer the question as if you were in a real interview. The same five themes are used by McKinsey but in slightly different proportions. Let's use 20, x 6,, as an example. Search high and low for boutiques and regional consulting firms that have more idiosyncratic hiring rules 5. Network at every available opportunity. What was the last book you read or film you saw? You can learn what these 7 question types are, in the video below: This makes the whole learning process much more manageable.

Handling large numbers Large numbers are difficult to deal with because of all the 0s. This is a question you should be able to respond to automatically and flawlessly. As we mentioned near the start of this article, you need to strictly conform to the industry standard for your resume to even be skimmed rather than immediately discarded.

How to write a consulting resume that gets interviews questions

If you did get one, that is a positive answer. If you have working knowledge of the analytical techniques that might be used to address the issue being discussed, be sure to mention it in whatever level of detail you feel comfortable. And they won't take the time to Google anything they don't understand. Consultants can be employed directly by a large firm that finds work for them. If talking about graduate school, we suggest saying you are seriously considering an MBA, because bringing up other graduate and doctoral programs, at this point, can put off some interviewers this really does vary by firm—some Consulting firms, for example, love Ph. Note that this is a silly question for them to ask, since you will need to change your answer to this question for every firm you interview with, but it is part of the game, and if you want to succeed, you will have to play along convincingly. But failing that, asking for feedback from peers is also helpful. Regardless of your career and industry, you can exhibit the same parallel skills that are employed by Bain consultants every day. Because here is the thing. For education, this means that you should include pre-university qualifications only if the employer asks for them or if they are very good. Tip 4: Give a clear recommendation Consultants get paid for making recommendations.
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Consultant Interview Questions & Answers