History in a box book report

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He landed safely in Pennsylvania with the help of the abolitionists and the Underground Railroad. Step 1 Take the package of cereal out of the box and place it in a plastic container.

The book review also provides a conclusion giving a recommendation on whether you should purchase the book or not. He was desperate to get his freedom especially after his wife and children were sold away from him.

Step 9 Think of something that would have been useful to one of the characters in your book. Later, Henry met Dr. For example, if your book was about a boy surviving in the forest, you might come up with a plastic knife and fork.

This takes places during the period of slavery in A cereal box book report is one way to encourage enthusiasm. Step 6 Write "Nutritional Information" on the other side of the box and list a percentage of the following things the person will get from the book: action; humor; history; drama; suspense; vocabulary; mystery;and education.

HillGrade 5 Henry was a slave in the tobacco fields.

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Step 10 Place your name on the bottom of the box. Henry was considered mail and precious cargo. For example, if your book was about an Indiana Jones type character, you might have " percent action, 40 percent humor, 10 percent drama, percent suspense.

cereal box book report
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