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These thoughts return him to Clarisse, being a complete contrast to Mildred, with her vivacity and curiosity. The first example is when Montag is trying to memorize the bible on the subway but is interrupted.

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Montag can be considered the Hero in Fahrenheitalthough most of his steps toward his goals are uncoordinated and clumsy. With the mass destruction of books in their society, many citizens are failing to learn the importance of books, and what lessons they can teach us. Although he has read many books, Chief Beatty remains a true believe in the benefits of controlled society.

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Instead of putting fires out, Guy and his fellow firefighters start the fire. Stupid titles: The more we alter a story, the more we begin to lose sight of what 's important.

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Beatty insists that Montag should do the burning himself. The world he envisions is a bleak, dystopian world where technology has overtaken society and deprived them of creativity and imagination. Fahrenheit follows Guy Montag, a firefighter, and his struggle with society promoting his overall change of opinion The nations in both novels are involved in wars that never seem to end, and their main characters begin to doubt the government and what society expects of everyone. Mildred is anxious and bored: all devices in the house are turned off, including her precious TV walls. Montag blames his hands when he has done something bad, but when he has done something good and wants credit for it his hands suddenly become his partner instead of enemy In literature, many authors have the characters in their books change because it helps their stories progress from the beginning to the end. Montag is practically sure that this is the case, for he has a little secret of his own, hidden behind the ventilation grate. Mass shootings connect to the novel, Fahrenheit , through both the unnecessary violence and the absence of humanity that are evident in the novel. After some time he goes outside to get some fresh air and overhears Clarisse and her family talking about the value of human life in modern world, comparing it to a paper napkin. It can be difficult to determine what elements make up a hero.

The movie trailer for Fahrenheit by Ray Bradbury, begins with a full shot of a major explosion, and then cuts to the scene of an advanced society all at eye level

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