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These words tend to get the same point across in far more words than necessary. Check below for examples of how to reduce your word count by removing overly descriptive, redundant, overly emotive and first-person language: Overly Descriptive Redundant Alternative The amazing thing about the industrial revolution was that it brought about enormous changes to the ways people transported themselves and communicated across the globe in such a short amount of time.

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Eliminate redundancy. I compared myself to magazine models a lot, no matter how unrealistic I knew it was. It keeps me critical of myself and always aiming for improvement. For those who frequently find themselves with too many words on the page, there are some simple steps to take when editing to help reduce the number of words while at the same time making it a stronger piece of writing. Delete helping verbs. In these instances, you will have to simply rely on the essay question. The teacher might have only read the first three sentences and made their judgement about your work based on those three sentences! The sum of five hundred dollars. Like many students, I struggle to conform to college essay word limits. The marking criteria is the list of things the teacher is looking for when marking your essay. The small benefit to the word count is not worth the oddness that results from losing the prepositional phrase. These words tend to get the same point across in far more words than necessary. Highlight the words or phrases, then read the sentences without these words.

When applied to writing, this habit can vastly inflate word counts. If we alter it to eliminate the preposition, we obtain the following. Re-Read the Marking Criteria When editing your work, it is best to have the marking criteria by your side at all times. Does your sentence achieve the message, or does it shroud the point in fluff?

Reducing your word count is actually your chance to get even further ahead!

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The best essays have no dull, irrelevant or sub-par content. Some admissions insiders say limits are strictly enforced; others suggest a few words too many or too few will not matter. Remember, the goal is to have your paper sounding short and clear. Delete Irrelevant Words Going through your paper and deleting irrelevant words can often save you several hundred words and could shorten your essay enough to get you back within the required word count.

Many students want to trim the word fat — doing things like adding contractions or removing a simple adjective — without trimming content fat. This is because academic writing is supposed to be formal and direct. College essays sometimes impose difficult word limits to which many students often struggle to conform.

Recognize that word fat and content fat both exist, and you need to be brutal about trimming both.

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5 Best ways to Make an Essay Shorter (Student Guide )