Dying wishes in women of trachis

Zeus, my father, hurl upon me your thunderbolt! Tell me. Surely something dreadful must have happened to him.


In the following essay, he analyzes the role of the tragic Chorus in order to demonstrate a key method by which Sophocles develops frustration and dissatisfaction with the violent hero Heracles. I did really enjoy the play and its revelation of Odysseus in action.

Heracles: The same. The problem with Heracles is that we have so many conflicting versions not counting the sword and sandal epics that it is quite difficult to work out the accepted story, even if there was one.

hippolytus summary

Come and cut off my head, end this misery, end this life! Not a worthy reward for my faithfulness to him. Deianira then comes outside to tell the Chorus that she is jealous of Iole, who may usurp her place in Heracles's heart, but not angry at Heracles.

philoctetes summary

It is just like this man says.

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Antigone / The Women of Trachis / Philoctetes / Oedipus at Colonus by Sophocles