Dream to be a soccer player

If it was, everyone would do it. I just want you to be realistic. Nothing and no-one stops you from improving. Cristiano Ronaldo They must reach for Ronaldo.

Essay on my dream to become a football player

Focus on taking small steps to your goal. Becoming good enough and constantly getting better is only the first step. Click the links below to find out more about these programs. Dream About Football as a Dream Symbol If you receive a football as a gift, you are tender and faithful to your friends. Becoming a Professional Footballer is about taking action. Kelly Smith They must stretch for Smith — Kelly Smith, one of the greatest players ever to put on soccer boots. It requires a single minded focus and an eye for the weaker elements of your skills. And, I have already detailed other techniques on SoccerToday that will help players reach and stretch. The more action you take, the more you will increase your chances of becoming a pro. You keep reaching and stretching. The football also means you should revive an older friendship that did not go well recently. Good mood. Dream About Playing in the Football Match When you dream about playing football, always consider how you feel, the people who you are playing with, as well as the position that you are playing with.

I get s of messages everyday from kids saying, my goal is to play for Barcelona. Put yourself in situations where you can be found.

how to become a professional soccer player essay

What is he seeing? Becoming good enough and constantly getting better is only the first step. They must reach for the World Player of the Year — what does that look like?

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“My dream: become a professional soccer player!”