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What is Dragon good for? Dragon NaturallySpeaking vs. Another point is that Dragon can become too particular and remonstrate with you for becoming tired. Then, I had to train myself to dictate the entire chapter without stopping to edit typos or fix issues. Speech Recognition's primary function is for navigating Windows using voice commands, but you can also use it to dictate speech to text for just about any application that has text input. Once you install and open Speech Recogniser, you choose a source language on the home screen and tap the start button to activate the dictation. If you feel that you will need technical support along the way, ensure that the software you choose offers the tech support you are looking for. In many ways it will improve your writing process and make your life easier. Remember the difference between personal assistant apps and voice to text apps that I mentioned earlier? Dragon was the most accurate of the speech recognition programs we tested, missing just an average of two words during our tests. The first is the high price point; the second is that different languages require that you purchase various versions. Is Voice Dictation for You? Do you need Dragon Dictate software or will any speech recognition software do?

It's a good tool when you need to dictate once here or there, or if you're looking for a hard-to-find language, as this app supports 67, including many Asian languages. Then, I had to train myself to dictate the entire chapter without stopping to edit typos or fix issues.

It took me some trial and error to figure out how to integrate dictation into my writing workflow. Dragon NaturallySpeaking vs.

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Perhaps it was the expense? When dictating, Dragon clearly understood the difference between words and punctuation.

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In evaluating the results, we looked for misspellings, missed words, use of correct words and punctuation errors. If you compose in many apps not made by Microsoft, you may want to look for another option, however. Overall: My Business is all about writing and Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition software enables me to get my ideas typed quickly and easily. A good microphone headset is essential. Ease of use is just as important as accuracy, since these programs are meant to be used hands-free. We found the accuracy of Dictate to be the worst of the four apps we tested. The add-on has a translation feature that allows you to type out your dictation in another language, but we did not test the accuracy of this feature. With features such as mobile dictation and advanced speech recognition software, spending your days hunched over your keyboard typing away in Microsoft Word may be coming to an end. Speaking like a newscaster is about where you need to be. This is a bare- bones dictation tool that doesn't require any setup or calibration, and that could account for its less-than-stellar accuracy. The standard version is annoying and inconvenient for anything longer than 40 seconds. Ease my wrist pain by not needing to manually type so much. Dragon will not recognise some commands. For instance, in one sentence, rather than inserting a semicolon, it transcribed the word "semicolon.

You can write while walking, cooking, or even breastfeeding. Yes, you can.

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On the other hand, I can dictate up to three or four thousand words in 30 minutes. Trying to use a cheap headset as a shortcut to keep costs down, rarely works. I spent a year working with Dragon and training it. It combines the classic notepad functionality with voice dictation, using your phone's built-in Google Voice Search to turn voice to text while recording the audio at the same time. Be sure to choose a software that is easy to use. While Dragon supports the ability to add all kinds of punctuation marks, I generally limit my use of punctuation in the first draft to simply adding full stops, commas, and paragraph marks. Speech to text or voice dictation software is a speech transcription technology with an ability to convert spoken word to text.
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