Critical thinking should be taught in college classes is an argument

Moreover, the metaphor of overlap -- like a Venn diagram -- makes the differences between sets of thinking skills as instructional as the similarities. Surprisingly, While he outlined certain relations among disciplines, he found nothing to suggest that the complexity of those relations could be reduced to a core set of cognitive skills.

Have them read some short excerpts on the same topic from different types of sources, and ask them to articulate the differences that they notice about these sources. In the US media recently, there was a heightened concern about the teaching of critical thinking in universities.

Messenger There has been a spate of articles and reports recently about the increasing importance of critical thinking skills for future employment. This was sparked by a recent large-scale study — and later a book — using Collegiate Learning Assessment data in the US.

a value preference requires supporting reasons and evidence.

The latter is a noted critic of dogma-based organized religion and the former, a college chaplain. That metaphor leads us to look for a packaged set of thinking skills that apply with equal relevancy to virtually any situation or domain, when, while still debatable, it seems increasingly clear that no such skills exist.

However, debates, structured controversy, targeted journaling, inquiry-guided labs, and POGIL-type worksheets are also effective. Ask students to keep a critical thinking journal, where they reflect upon their own understanding of various topics as the course progresses.

a value assumption is not-

References Abrami, P. To counter these trends, a group of politically diverse scholars have set up a Heterodox Academy. Students need to see us showing the courage to question our own opinions and values, the fair-mindedness to represent multiple perspectives accurately, and the open-mindedness to entertain viewpoints opposed to our own.

Provide a variety of resources Make sure that students have the resources readings, websites, videos, etc.

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What is critical thinking? And do universities really teach it?