Computer system in different environment

environment of computer system

The use of computer technologies is not only in the field of finance or marketing, it is also being used by the payroll system, human resource departments, inventory control management systems etc.

Without computers, it would be very hard for a bank to offer good customer service day in and day out.

Explain the role of computer systems for different applications

Some features of this computer are given below. Mainframe computers Mainframe computers are very large, expensive and powerful multi-user computers. There are however, some Related Documents Essay Effects Of Computers On The Environment People have been using computers for over a decade now and while computers have benefitted humanity in a major way they have also harmed established principles. Systems analysts work closely with many professionals such as programmers and hardware specialists to develop systems that can solve various kinds of problems. Computer designing guidelines which meet the learning for different types of groups and which are encourage to active and rich learning. Some companies use data warehouses, data mining techniques, decision support systems to aid in their decision making processes. The only disadvantage is that a full-fledged installation of all the computerized systems in hospitals is a lengthy and costly process. Compact disc read-only memory can be installed onto most desktop computing machines and massively multiplayer on-line games can be played with people from all around the universe online. The rising of computer technology has taken deep roots in every field nowadays.

A systems analyst, for example, requires an individual to participate in an active team environment. Role drama.

It is build into a frame means all units were hung into a frame, therefore it is called mainframe computer. They can perform hundreds of millions of commands per second.

Most of these files were text-based studies used in a work environment. Vehicle Registration Every vehicle has a unique registration number. This can be made by internet. They also need to know income, heath levels, and educational levels. Some features of this computer are given below.

It would almost be impossible to gather, tabulate, and categorize the massive amount of data if any government must deal with daily without the aid of computers. Vehicle Registration Every vehicle has a unique registration number. National Identity System The department of home affairs keeps records of all the citizens in a country.

Well there are a lot of computer applications like local security applications, protocols, well I am going to explain some security applications to you.

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Role of Computer System in Differents Environment Essay