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Or is it better for us to give children to have the choice? He pushed forward the co-operatives with his sheer professional management skills, and is considered the architect of India's 'White Revolution'.

Characteristics of dairy farming

In line with the privatization policy, dairy cooperatives are viewed to be the choice to take rather than milk-collecting centres, which are currently managed by the government. Primary-level cooperatives bring together members with similar interests at village level to work towards common goals. That figure is similar to with some design jobs going but extra production jobs being created. Increasing prices of raw materials. During the fourth Development Plan from to , the government set clear guidelines for dairy farming by expanding artificial-insemination and immunization services, providing long-term credit facilities and ensuring guaranteed prices for raw milk. The real renaissance of the dairy cooperatives resulted from Presidential Decree No. Foreign assistance and expertise were obtained by the government to assist in these activities. In this connection it must be noted that it was the women at all levels who took the initiative and proceeded to assist in reestablishing and reorienting dairy farmers and cooperatives. This was to be a significant event as it brought under one umbrella all the existing dairy cooperatives in the rural are-as. It was attributed to the fact that milk outlets were expanded to urban markets.

Now it runs dairies, a packaging business, a hybrid-seed producer, textile plants and its own shops—as well as schools for dropouts, clinics and sanitation plants. Despite higher ingredient costs, manufacturers are continually churning out new products ranging from super-premium selections to good-for Freedom And Responsibility words - 9 pages Built within the Constitution of the United States are specifically defined freedoms that are guaranteed to all citizens.

Unfortunately, cheap imports of milk competed with domestic production, and these became more popular because of lower prices and better quality, forcing the Milk Authority to close down.

The federation has the power to act on such issues as pricing policies, extension, training, control of milk and milk product imports, subsidies and credit. In order to further increase the consumption of milk and milk products, the vigorous mass media-directed campaign currently under way to popularize their consumption must be maintained.

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As it is not easy to change the dietary habits of adults, a concerted effort should be made with schoolchildren by expanding the current limited milk-feeding programmes in schools. In actual fact, privatization of the dairy industry faced opposition and failed to make an impact since no increases in producer prices or milk production were apparent.

Conversely, with every constitutional freedom there comes a corresponding responsibility. Foreign assistance and expertise were obtained by the government to assist in these activities.

Process of dairy farming

The presence of government officials on management committees is welcomed by the members, since it leaves them with less responsibility, and undoubtedly the principal factor of the success of dairy cooperatives is their interest, enthusiasm and integrity. By there were 11 such dairy cooperatives in operation, yet these were faced with serious problems in that they had to compete with the uncontrolled importation of cheap milk powder by the private-sector milk-processing factories. Good fat give energy and keep our bodies warm. Special programmes should be carried out for schoolchildren in the vulnerable rural areas to encourage the milk-drinking habit and thereby improve their nutritional status. Fat- you could found fat in food like dairy products, nuts, cheese and oil. If some of the profits were used to develop roads and to improve the water supply, schools, libraries, clinics, etc. Blogs usually allow readers to leave comments on individual posts, encouraging conversation between blogger and reader. Many countries are attempting to increase livestock and especially milk production by assisting small-scale farmers, since they are the most numerous and poorest of the population, and very often also landless. The quota established was the ratio of the quantity of locally produced milk to be purchased against milk powder imported by the processing factories in liquid equivalent.
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Central Dairies Essay