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Females must gain the credibility of their male judges by adapting male roles to convince the males that they are worthy of the challenge. She creates a new self-image; she is not scared or willing to back down because people do not give her credibility because of her gender.

Apirana told him that even though others out there respected him and treated him like he is the leader, in the household, she is the boss.

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She was often seen walking down the road by herself chanting and maneuvering the stick with skill Whale Rider, Koro's obstinacy is shown all throughout the film. On fault in particular has been that he has become increasingly depressed. Apirana picks up the cup Whale Rider, He must overcome his desire for his rider and weigh the future benefit that this girl would bring to her people. Paikea also inspired her grandmother to speak up to her grandfather whenever he tried to overpower her. There are several instances where Paikea accomplished this: when she rescued the Reiputa when none of the boys could, when Paikea defeated Hemi in a dual, and lastly, when Paikea saved the dying whales at the end. This demonstrates that her ability was inherent, but her gender forced her to be silent. When Pai is found and brought to the hospital, Koro declares her the leader and asks her forgiveness. New Zealands Nationalisms. The Whale Rider novel is a positive and sensitive representation of Maori culture and several terms from the postcolonial theory can be determined within the novel.

My twin brother died and took my mother with him. These measures clearly afforded Maori a degree of participation in the settler state and polity which was much more progressive in comparison to Australian Aboriginal politics.

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The film revolves around the life of an 11 year old girl, who wants to gain the approval of her grandfather and assume the role of being a tribe leader that her late twin brother was destined to be. As it was the case in many other parts of the Pacific, early encounters between Europeans and Maori were often marked by misunderstanding and mutual hostility.

There are moments when Pai is lost in discouragement and despair, and when her father comes for a visit she almost leaves with him. There's an amusing sequence where they practice looking ferocious to scare their enemies.

Right from the moment of her birth she was shunned upon by the members of her tribe.

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Analysis of the Whale Rider Essay