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In this way, he would gain their loyalty by honoring their culture, even after the conquest was complete, creating security and stability. Alexander was acknowledged as a military genius who always led by example, although his belief in his own indestructibility meant he was often reckless with his own life and those of his soldiers. Darius was in the center with the best of his infantry. We must recognise, however, that it would certainly have taken rather longer because the army would have needed to be trained and turned into the machine that Philip had already created, and the question also remains as to whether Alexander would have had the patience to delay his ambition; patience is not a trait that Alexander ever demonstrated to any great degree. Arrian wrote that, against the experienced Macedonian troops, Darius's left wing was "routed" almost immediately. On its northern coast, he founded Alexandria, the most successful city he ever built. He was brought up with the belief that he was of divine birth. The Greek phalanx attacked the center of the enemy lines. In his excavations he has found that, with Persian support, the Spartans built fortifications and a larger harbor at Phalasarna. Each element of the army was highly trained and supported every other element. He died of a fever in Babylon in June BC. Persia gave him money and ships and in return "Agis sent the money and triremes [a type of ship] to his brother Agesilaos, directing him to pay the salaries of the crews, and to sail directly to Crete to settle the affairs of the island for the benefit of Sparta," writes Hadjidaki. Cutting up the enemy on a restrictive terrain generated a quick retreat.

After the two got drunk, Cleitus lifted up his right hand and said "this is the hand, Alexander, that saved you then at the Battle of Granicus. Persistence Another, perhaps more accurate word, would be stubbornness.

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Alexander the great empire

Final battle with Darius III With the eastern Mediterranean and Egypt secured, the Persians were deprived of naval bases, and Alexander was free to move inland to conquer the eastern half of the Persian Empire. Philip remodeled the Macedonian army from citizen-warriors into a professional organization. Greek culture had a powerful influence on the areas Alexander conquered. He began to press his men too hard. Even more ironically, Sparta , a city that had famously lost its king and warriors in the Battle of Thermopylae during a Persian invasion attempt, also opposed Alexander, going so far as to seek Persian help in their efforts to overthrow him. From there, Alexander marched in central Greece, and sent a terrible message with the destruction of the ancient city of Thebes. He became reckless, self-indulgent and inconsistent, causing a loss of loyalty by his men and officers. They turned back and made a disastrous march through the Gedrosian Desert. When Porus mobilized his forces he found himself in a predicament, his cavalry was not nearly as experienced as Alexander's and, as such, he put his elephants, something the Macedonians had never faced in large numbers, up front.

Arrian wrote that, against the experienced Macedonian troops, Darius's left wing was "routed" almost immediately. During the battle, Arrian wrote that Alexander defeated a force of 20, Persian horsemen and an equal number of foot soldiers.

They refused to go further and Alexander was forced to turn back. Alexander responded by using his cavalry to attack the wings of Porus's forces, quickly putting Porus's cavalry to flight.

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No spam, we promise. His achievements have stood the test of time and remain amongst the most remarkable in the whole annals of military history.

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Alexander took two additional wives in addition to Roxana, whom he had married in central Asia. His generals fought over his land and in the end it was divided up into multiple states.

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He respected Darius as the head of the mighty Persian Empire, though Alexander regarded himself as a higher authority because he believed his power came from the gods, according to Abernethy. Against overwhelming odds, he led his army to victories across the Persian territories of Asia Minor, Syria and Egypt without suffering a single defeat. The two married and, at the time of Alexander's death, they had an unborn son. This battle was the last among the great battles of Alexander. Each element of the army was highly trained and supported every other element. The heavy infantry could operate together, or as individual taxis battalions. Posted in: Alexander The Great. Within just two years Alexander hence ensured complete control over Greece to concentrate his efforts on Asia. Arrian estimates that Darius had a force of , troops probably wildly exaggerated and positioned himself initially on a great plain where he could mass them all effectively against Alexander, who hesitated to give battle. The Gedrosia crossing was a miserable failure with up to three-quarters of Alexander's troops dying along the way, his fleet being unable to keep up with them due to bad winds.

Alexander took his act of murder terribly.

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