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Then Nora tells her husband that Kristine has come looking for secretarial work, and does he think he could find her a job? Rank comes out to chat with Nora and Mrs.

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He remarks that he had never been so bored in his life. He asks her if Krogstad was trying to get her to put in a good word for him.

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Linde or Dr. Nora almost cries and says that would only prove to Torvald what a bad person Krogstad is. The porter is carrying a Christmas tree; he hands it to the maid. Nora says he never found out, and that she would never say anything because Torvald is proud and would be humiliated by the thought that he owed his wife something. She had married her husband, not for love, but to provide financial and domestic security to her bedridden mother and her two younger brothers. Christine points out that Nora is still a spendthrift just like in school. Nora asks if Krogstad is gone. The door bell rings. Linde, have different levels of freedom and autonomy. Linde makes an offhand remark about how little Nora has had to worry about in life. She has been shopping and asks to show Torvald what she has bought.

Torvald adds that he's corrupt and has lived a life of lies, even around his family. All he wants is to have the respect of the community again, for the sake of his sons. This idea draws a parallel between Krogstad's situation and that of Dr.

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In a series of complaints, Torvald chastises Nora for being a spendthrift, suggesting that she inherits the trait from her father. Having learned, through suffering, the value of truthful human relationships, Christine is the first person to recognize that Nora's marriage is based on deception.

Torvald again accuses Nora of being wasteful, arguing that wastefulness with money runs in her family and that she inherited the trait from her father.

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A Doll’s House Act I Summary and Analysis