A discussion of the main aspects of total quality management

Quality improvement teams or excellence teams QITs — These are temporary teams with the purpose of dealing with specific problems that often recur. Decision-making based on facts Decision-making within the organization must only be based on facts and not on opinions emotions and personal interests.

Binding Mortar 7.

benefits of total quality management

Individuals should know how to work together, and the team environment should facilitate open discussions about both problems and solutions. This is also similar to empowering communication, where supervisors keep open ears and listen to others.

importance of total quality management

Do your research. Upward communication — By this the lower level of employees are able to provide suggestions to upper management of the affects of TQM. What happened to TQM? What is Total Quality Management?

Ethics Ethics is the study of right and wrong, and TQM places importance on understanding what is the ethical thing to do, both as an organization and as individuals in the context of the organization.

For this, TQM requires the help of those eight key elements. Binding Mortar — It includes: Communication.

14 principles of total quality management

Commitment and Understanding from Employees It is key to ensure that all employees within your organization know about the Total Quality Management TQM policies and make them an fundamental part of their work.

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Total Quality Management definition and TQM principles